Three Ways To Prevent A Break-In To Your Home

Home burglars look for the easiest way into your house. They don’t want to spend much time or make much noise when trying to get in. If your front and back doors are formidable enough, the burglar may move on to the next house to find an easier target. Here are three ways that you can stop a thief at the door and protect your home from a break-in.

1. Make sure that your locks are top quality.

Have a locksmith inspect the locks on your front and back doors for construction and materials. The highest quality locks are made of solid steel and rated ANSI Grade 1. Locks formed by a casting process can be cracked by a blow from a hammer. Inferior materials can allow a thief to saw through the bolt on a deadbolt. Solid steel locks are shatter-proof and difficult to cut through without taking a long time and making a lot of noise.

2. Address any gaps between the door and the frame.

If your house has settled and the door is slightly out of alignment in the frame, there may be a widening gap between the door and the frame. This will let a thief get a saw blade onto the bolt to try to cut through it. If the gap is wide enough, the burglar may try to force the door away from the frame enough to clear the bolt from the frame. Some ways to fix problems with a gap include:

  • Install a lock with an extra long bolt that extends into the frame at least one inch.
  • Replace standard deadbolts which are installed inside the door with an external mounted deadbolt. This lock mounts on the surface of the door inside the house and places the bolt out of reach of a thief.
  • Install metal strips on the edge of the door and along the door frame to reduce the gaps.
  • Re-hang the door in the frame and reduce the gaps by using shims under the hinges.

3. Reinforce the installation of the deadbolt locks to prevent a thief from bypassing them.

A high quality deadbolt that hasn’t been installed properly won’t protect your home. Fix the following installation issues to get the most from your lock.

  • Use solid steel, extra long wood screws when installing the deadbolt and strike plate so they can’t be pried out of the wood.
  • Replace standard strike plate with solid steel reinforced plates. These use a steel box over the hole through which the bolt slides into the frame. The box prevents the bolt from being force through a weak door frame.

Three Ways To Enhance Door Safety For Your Business

As a business owner, high quality and excellent customer service aren’t the only important aspects. It is equally important to ensure your business is safe. You can work towards accomplishing this goal by focusing on your door safety. In the event of an emergency, the doorway will play a key role in getting your employees and customers to safety. Make sure your business is keeping door safety in mind.

Install Security Cameras

Door safety doesn’t just involve getting people out of the building in the event of an incident. It also involves keeping intruders out. A great way to increase your efforts in this area is to install security cameras near all of your exterior doors.

A camera can serve as a great defense against theft. First, the cameras can deter people from trying to break-in because of a fear of being recognized on screen. Secondly, in the event someone is monitoring the activity on the camera, should someone be trying to intrude, they will be able to take swift action by either triggering an alarm or notifying the police.

Invest In Exit Devices

In the event of a dangerous event like a fire, every second counts. Ensuring everyone’s safety involves getting everyone out of the building as quickly as possible. Consider installing exit devices for your exterior doors to meet this need. Exit devices are basically bar-like structures that get installed on the interior side of the door. You simply press on the bar to unlatch the door and exit.

An exit device makes it easier to open a door quickly. Instead of having to manipulate a door handle, which can be especially challenging if the power goes out and the space is dark, you simply push the door to open it and exit the building quickly.

Upgrade To Keyless Locks

Another great safety addition is the installation of keyless locks. Keyless locks give you access to a building faster. In the event of an emergency, searching for keys is generally the last thing you have time for. Should you need to gain access to your business quickly, with a keyless lock you can simply use a key code or barometric system to gain access.

Key code systems allow you to program a specific code for entry and exit and barometric systems use fingerprints. In addition to adding an extra safety feature, should someone be terminated from your company, you can remove their access far easier than you would be able to get a physical key back from them.

Make sure you are putting an effort towards upgrading safety in every aspect of your business. A professional can assist you with finding ways to update safety for your business. To learn more, contact a locksmith company like Johnny Locksmith. 

Security Is Everything: 4 Steps To Protect Your Home And Family

If you own a home, you want to make sure it’s protected against burglary. According to statistics, about 3.7 million homes were burglarized between 2003 and 2007.  The same statistics also show that about 28% of residential burglaries occur when someone is home. Those statistics point to the need for added security in and around your home. Here are four simple steps you can take to protect your family against burglaries.

Install Security Cameras

If you don’t have a security system installed in your home, you need to invest in one. A security system will be your first line of defense against intruders. It’s particularly important that your security system include security cameras. Security cameras protect your family by alerting burglars to the fact that their illegal activity will be captured and used as evidence against them.

Clear Away the Hiding Spaces

If you have shrubbery growing under your windows, or around the perimeter of your home, you’re providing excellent hiding places for potential burglars. You might not even see them hiding there when you walk past. Unfortunately, that means that a burglar can hide in the bushes while breaking into your home. To protect your family, you should remove shrubbery from around the perimeter of your home. This will remove the hiding places that are available to burglars.

Keep Your Curtains Closed

If you keep your curtains open, particularly at night, you’re giving would-be burglars the opportunity to window-shop in your home. When the interior lights are on at night, people can look right into your home, which means burglars will be able to determine the value of your property before they ever set foot in your home. Protect your family and your home by keeping the curtains closed to prevent window shopping.

Don’t Draw Attention to Major Purchases

If you’ve recently purchased a big screen television or new computers, the last thing you want to do is draw attention to those purchases. Before you throw the cartons away, be sure you tear them up into small pieces that will fit directly into your trash cans. If you can’t do that, take those cartons to a recycling center for disposal. Burglars often travel through neighborhoods on trash day to see what types of packaging have been discarded. This can give them the information they need to choose the houses they’ll break into later.

Home security is vital for the safety of your home and family. The information provided here will help you protect your home against intruders. Contact a home security provider, like or a similar site, for more information and tips.

Save Money When Replacing Your Car Keys

There are many reasons why you might need to replace your car keys, such as if you lost your keys or locked them in your vehicle. Even though some people think that replacing lost or stolen car keys is easy and affordable, it can actually be surprisingly expensive. This is because many modern cars now use transponder keys, which are more complicated and costly than more typical keys but that help prevent car theft. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can save money when replacing car keys, so keep these tips in mind to reduce what you have to spend.

Have It Done By a Locksmith

Many people head straight to the car dealership to have their keys replaced. Even though your dealership might be able to sell you a key, you can expect for the cost to be high. Instead, consider calling a locksmith that has experience in making keys for cars. In some cases, a locksmith can make a spare key a whole lot more affordably than a dealership can.

Have Just the Shell Replaced

If your keys aren’t lost but are damaged, consider having them repaired instead of having them replaced. For example, if the shell on the outside of your key is broken or cracked, you may be able to have this part alone replaced rather than buying a whole new key. A locksmith should be able to help you with this and should save you a significant amount of cash when compared to a full key replacement.

Consider a Non-Transponder Key

Even though you might need a transponder key in order to start your vehicle, a more traditional key may work for unlocking your car. If your keys are locked in your car and you simply need to gain access, or if you just want a spare key for emergency situations when you might lock yourself out of your car, a non-transponder key might do the trick. Even though you can’t use it to drive your car, you can use it to gain access to your vehicle when needed. Plus, you can generally save a whole lot of money when having one of these keys made.

As you can see, it’s possible to save money when replacing your car keys. If you give these tips some thought, you might find that scoring a new key for your car is more affordable than you thought it would be.