4 Reasons To Re-Key The Locks In Your Home

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The locks on the exterior doors of your home are extremely important for the safety of you and your family. When you lock the doors when leaving the house, or before you go to sleep at night, you have to know that those locks with keep unwanted intruders out of your personal space. The keys for your locks make a huge difference, and there may be situations where you need to hire a locksmith the re-key the locks in your home, such as :

Moving Into a New House

Moving into a new house can be a fun and exciting event, but don't overlook the importance of having your locks re-keyed before settling in. While home sellers typically turn over the house keys at the close of a sale, you never know if they have extra keys, or who they may have given house keys to. For peace of mind it is in your best interest to have all locks re-keyed as soon as you move in.

Your Purse is Stolen with Your Keys in It

Dealing with a stolen purse can be a nightmare, especially when your keys are in the purse. A thief that is in possession of your keys as well as personal items from your wallet, such as your drivers license, will know where you live and know how to access your home. In addition to cancelling credit cards and replacing a stolen cell phone, make sure you contact a reputable locksmith the re-key the locks in your home.

A Roommate or Tenant Moved Out

If you are a landlord or reside with a roommate, it is just common sense to have all locks re-keyed when someone moves out. Even if the house keys are returned to you when your roommate or tenant moves out, the only way you can truly be sure that there are no extra keys to the house floating around is by getting new keys to the newly re-keyed locks.

You Want One Key to Open All Locks

In older homes it is not uncommon to have different keys to open different doors. Having a keychain full of keys can be an annoyance, and no one wants to search for the right key to open a certain door. A locksmith like those at LI Locksmiths Inc can re-key the locks in your home and make it possible for all locks to be opened with one single key. Many homeowners find that the small investment in re-keying is well worth the convenience of only needing one key for all doors.