Locked Out Of Your Own Safe? 3 Tips For Getting Back In

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So, you just bought that top-of-the-line home safe to keep your valuable jewelry, important documents, and some emergency cash in, and now you are locked out? Don't beat yourself up over this common occurrence, as accidents are part of life. Forget the "would've, could've, and should'ves" about memorizing the safe combination or keeping it written down somewhere, and just focus on getting back into the safe without harming it or your valuables. Follow these three tips to get into the safe without damaging it. 

1. Question Your Curious Children

You questioned your spouse to see if he or she remembered the combination, but did you question your children? Sure, you likely didn't tell them the combination, because you don't want your daughter getting into it to borrow mother's jewelry or your son to borrow cash for that emergency school trip. However, never underestimate the curious minds and powerful memories of children, and use it to your advantage if you can. 

If your children were ever in the room when you or your spouse opened the safe, then there is a strong possibility they may have been watching every turn you made on that dial and currently hold the information you need to get back in. Ask them if they happen to know the combination in a calm voice and state the importance of the situation, so they don't fear revealing the fact that they have information that they really aren't supposed to have. 

2. Don't Underestimate Muscle Memory

Instead of sitting down with a pen and paper and frantically jotting down numbers to help jog your memory of the combination, take advantage of muscle memory by working that combination dial instead. Muscle memory is your body's ability to remember a task when your brain seemingly doesn't. When you perform a specific task enough, your body goes on a type of autopilot which then allows you to complete the same task without a lot brain-power involved. 

So, even when your brain does not remember the combination to that safe, your fingers may "remember" just how far and in what direction you rotated that dial when opening it. Take a few minutes and just play with the dial to see if the "memory" of your fingers take over and crack the safe for you. 

3. Know when It is Time to Give in and Call a Locksmith

If you have tried all the tricks you can and are still locked out of that safe, then know when to call it quits and call a locksmith who can get you back into that safe without harming it or your valuables. Make sure you choose a licensed professional locksmith (such as one from Broadway Locksmith Inc) and not just someone advertising in the local classifieds. You don't want that local self-proclaimed, unlicensed "safe cracker" coming back with less-than-helpful tactics in mind. 

If you are locked out of your home safe where you store valuables, then follow these tips to get back into it without harming the safe. Don't become frustrated to the point where you damage your safe, or you will regret it later.