2 Ways To Get Into Your Safe If You Lose The Combination

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Losing the combination to your safe can be a frustrating and costly mistake, but it happens all the time. Many safe owners have lost the combinations to their safes over the years, but there is always hope. If you are trying to determine what to do about this, here are two options you may want to look into.

Contact the safe manufacturer

Most safe manufacturers keep records of the combinations their safes come with, but getting your hands on this information can take time and can be tricky. To do this, you may need to send a letter to the safe manufacturer to request the combination. When you do this, you will have to include the serial number of the safe and other information. For instance, one of the requirements many safe manufacturers have is proof of ownership. They want to know that this is your safe and that you did not steal it. One way to prove you own it is by presenting the receipt for it. If you don't have the receipt anymore, of if you purchased it from a prior owner, this would not be an option.

A second way to prove you own it might be by asking someone from the police department to verify that you own it. To do this, you may need to have the document notarized, and you will have to send it in to the company.

Keep in mind that this method can only be used on two conditions:

  1. If you can access the serial number – Some companies place this number on the inside of safes.
  2. If the combination has never been changed – Locksmiths can set new combinations for safes. If this has been completed on your safe, contacting the manufacturer would not be a successful way to get inside your safe.

Hire a locksmith

The first method could take weeks for you to complete. If you cannot wait that long, you could always call a locksmith to come to your home. Locksmith services often have several different methods they use for opening locked safes. One method is through prying it open. This method will damage the safe, and afterwards you may never be able to use it again. Locksmiths also can use drills to open safes, or they can use a variety of other tools.

Some locksmiths also offer a method known as safe manipulation. This method takes time to learn and is not always successful, but there are many occasions when it does work. With safe manipulation, a locksmith carefully moves the dial and listens to the way it sounds. By doing this, he or she is often able to detect the correct numbers and sequences of the combination.