3 Tips For Providing Better Building Security

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Your commercial property most likely stores a lot of confidential data, legal documents, and expensive computer equipment, so protecting it is essential. Here are some tips for getting the best building security and protecting your assets.

Have Deadbolts Installed

Building security begins with the types of locks that are on your doors. You can begin by having a locksmith install commercial-grade deadbolt locks on all entrance doors of the building. This will prevent people from picking a lock. Double-cylinder deadbolts are ideal because they are almost impossible for someone to get into without the key, aside from an experienced locksmith (such as Irvine Lock & Key). You can also ask them about other types of locks that might be even better than the double-cylinder deadbolt.

Get an Alarm System

While you are getting the best locks that money can buy, you should have additional security measures in place. One great thing to have is an alarm system. If someone gets into the building somehow, whether through a door, window or garage, they won't get far thanks to the alarm system. An alarm system can serve multiple purposes when it comes to building security. First, it warns the intruder that you know they are there, and they will often leave since they don't want to be caught by police. It also alerts police so hopefully that intruder is caught before any damage is done.

Also consider a video surveillance system along with the alarm so that you can have video evidence of the intruder. If they escape before police arrive, you still have physical identification of that person.

Consider an Electronic Access Control System

You may also want to restrict entry into your building by having an electronic access control system. With this type of system, and electronic panel is installed near the front entrance of your building or on certain doors inside your building that go to rooms you don't want all employees to have access to. People with access will enter a numeric code in order to gain access, while all others will be kept out.

Not only does it help keep intruders out, but if you have a room with sensitive data in your building, you can restrict access to only a few employees. It also lets you set a different code for each employee so you can track where they go within your building, and you can remove their access if they quit or are fired.