3 Basic Tips For Protecting And Fortifying Your Property

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Smooth operation for a house heist depends on speed, stealth and ease of entry. To deflect burglars from your property, the conditions in and around your house must run counter to these needs. These tips will help you fortify your property and protect your home from intruders. 

Reduce Hiding Places, Improve Visibility

Thieves who want to make a stealthy approach, who wish to scope out the best point of entry and who want to get an up-close look at your property, are going to seek out the best places to hide within close proximity to your house. Shrubs located near windows and doors, privacy fences and trees that shroud your property from view all provide excellent cover for intruders. To better protect your house, reduce or remove the places around your property that can conceal criminals. Trim back trees and remove shrubs closest to the most vulnerable points on your house (doors and 1st floor windows). Replace your privacy fence with a smaller picket fence. 

As you remove potential hiding places from your property, it's also important to improve the lighting around the exterior of your property. The easier it is to see all around your house, the less likely it is that a burglar or intruder will attempt to make an approach. Motion-activated outdoor lights not only flood your property with bright light, but also indicate movement, warning residents of suspicious activity. 

Get the Right Door 

Interior doors are hollow and lightweight, and far less expensive than exterior doors. It's not uncommon for interior doors to be used as exterior doors by budget-conscious homeowners. Unfortunately, this fiscal prudence can come at a price. Solid steel core doors are far less vulnerable to attack than hollow doors and thus serve as better protection against burglars. 

Install the Right Lock

Get a good lock installed by a reputable locksmith. The right type of lock will have 3 inch mounting screws holding the reinforced strike plate in place, and a 1 inch deadbolt. A locksmith at a place like Timberline Locksmith Service will know which brands and models are available for your property and doorways. Have all entryways into your home secured with good locks, not just the font door. 

Burglars seek to enter through the point of least resistance. By strengthening all your entryways and making it harder to approach your house in the first place, you can help protect your home from thieves and other intruders.