Never Locked Out | The Do's And Don'ts Of Spare Key Hiding

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If you want to make sure you are never left out in the cold because you have lost your house key, the most logical thing to do is to hide a spare somewhere that is within reach. Even though this sounds like a simple way to avoid having to call on a locksmith every time you get locked out, hiding a spare key should actually require a great deal of thought. Here are a few do's and don'ts of spare key hiding that you should keep in mind. 

Do: Hide your key in a place close to your home. 

Don't: Pick a spot near the locked door that the key belongs to. - Under the door mat or in the flower pot on the stoop may seem like logical spots, but it is a much better idea t hide your spare key away from the door that it belongs to. This way, if someone does find your secret key, they will have a harder time trying to figure out what the key goes to. 

Do: Put some thought into hiding the key in the right spot. 

Don't: Make it obvious to the world around you what you are doing. - When you go out to hide your key, the whole process should not take a lot of time. Even better, wait until after dark to hide your key or in the wee hours of the morning when you are sure no one is watching. 

Do: Keep a spare key in your car

Don't: Put your key in the glove box or console. - If someone wants to get into your home, one of the first places they may look for a spare key is in your car, and especially your glove box or center console. If you do keep a spare in your vehicle, put it in an unlikely place, such as attached to the underside of the lip in the trunk or in a magnetic case under the hood. 

Do: Make use of creative key hiding containers. 

Don't: Assume that every container will work for concealing a key on your property. - Key hiding containers are no new idea and most people have heard of them, especially thieves and vandals. Therefore, if you plan to use one of the hiding containers that are mass-marketed, make sure it is one that actually makes sense. For example, a fake sprinkler head may seem like a good key-hiding solution, but not if you do not even have a sprinkler system. 

It is always handy to have an extra key within reach. However, you have to make sure that by hiding a key on your property, you are not leaving an opportunity for someone to get inside your home. Talk to a locksmith like those at Suburban Lock for more ideas about hiding a spare key at your house.