Locked Out Of The House? 3 Ways To Prepare For Next Time

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You've locked yourself out of the house. You're probably waiting for a locksmith and wishing you had access to an emergency key. While you can't prevent future lockouts, you can make sure you're prepared the next time. The best way to prepare for a future lockout is to hide an emergency key. When you hide your key, you want to make sure you place it in a secure location. Here are four safe places to hide an emergency key.

Under the Mat

You probably know people you place their emergency key under the front door mat. Unfortunately, since it's such a common place to hide a key, it's probably the first place a burglar is going to look when trying to access your home. Not only that, but passersby might see you placing the key under the mat. Instead of hiding your key under the front door mat, head to the back yard and place the emergency key under the back door mat. Your key will be readily available in an emergency and it will be safer in your backyard.

In a Planter

Backyard planters are a good place to hide keys, if you take the proper precautions. If your planters flood during heavy rains, the water can actually wash your key away. That's why you need to place it in a container before you bury it in the planter. Place your key in a clean glass jar and then set it in the planter. The jar will keep your key safe and dry until you need it.

With a Friend

If you have a friend who lives nearby, you might want to leave an emergency key in their care. This is particularly beneficial if your friend lives next door. Leaving your key with a friend will keep it accessible for emergency use and allow you to hide it in a secure location.  An added benefit to leaving a key with a friend or neighbor is that it will allow them to have access to your home in an emergency when you're out of town.

If you've locked yourself out of your house, you want to get back inside as soon as possible. This is especially important if it's cold outside. Don't get stuck out in the cold. Before you get locked outside again, use these simple tips to prepare yourself. Talk to your locksmith about helpful ways to avoid lockouts.

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