Four Services A Locksmith Can Provide You

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If you have lost your keys, you might be in need of a locksmith, however this is not the only service a locksmith can provide. Here are some different services they will be happy to help you with.

Install a Keypad Entry

When you want to improve the security of your home, you might be looking past traditional home locks and thinking about keypad entries. These require someone to have the numeric code in order to gain entry into your home. As long as you only give out the codes to people in your household and they don't share it with anyone, your home will be very secure. This is good not only to prevent putting your home in danger if you lose your house keys, but because you can change the codes regularly for extra security. A locksmith is able t install and program this for you. If you forget the code, they can re-program it and help you inside your home.

Provide Vehicle Lockout Services

Locking the keys in your car is not an uncommon occurrence. While it is a frustrating experience, this is also something a locksmith can help you with. Whether your car is parked at home and you lost your car key temporarily, or you are at the store and stuck outside because the keys are in the engine, a locksmith will be able to help out. You simply need to call a mobile locksmith and provide documentation that proves this vehicle belongs to you. If you are borrowing someone's car, they will need to be present in order for the locksmith to legally unlock it for you.

Make You New Keys

Locksmiths can also make you new house, business, or car keys if you have lost or damaged them. Perhaps your house key was in your jeans pocket when you did laundry, and is now severely bent to where it won't fit in your house lock, or you lost your car keys and need a new set. In addition to just making new keys, a locksmith can also re-key any of your locks. This is a good idea if you lose keys in a public place, as it means nobody else can use their key to access your home or vehicle.

Break Off a Lock

You might also have a padlock on a storage unit or detached garage that is stuck and needs to be removed. If this happens to you, call up a locksmith to have it broken off. In some cases, they can just unlock it, but this is rare. Since padlocks aren't expensive, it is often easier to just break off the lock and provide you with a new one.

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