Home Security Basics

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If you have recently had something happen that has led to you having greater concern about your home's security, then it's time for you to take action ad make some changes around your house. By taking your home's security more serious, you can decrease your chances of dealing with criminal behaviors, such as vandalism or a burglary. Follow the advice here for a more secure home:   

Hold a meeting with all household members

Get everyone together for a household meeting and go over home security issues with them. Remind everyone to lock the doors behind them when they leave and come home. Also, remind them to check all windows and doors before they go to bed if they are the last ones awake in the house. They should be reminded not to open the door for someone until they have verified that they know who is knocking.

Put window guards up

You can have window guards installed that make it much harder for someone from the outside to get into the house through the windows. It's very important to keep your windows secure, because they tend to be one of the bigger weaknesses in most homes and this makes them a prime target for criminals.

Cut back bushes

You should keep any and all bushes cut back that provide coverage for thieves. This is especially true for any bushes that are near windows and doors. Otherwise, a criminal may be able to work on getting into your home without anyone seeing them so the witness can call the break-in into the local law enforcement agency. 

Consider getting a dog

A dog will generally bark when someone is prowling around the house and this can alert those in your household and your closest neighbors to a problem. If you are immediately concerned about the security of your house, then you may want to adopt an adult dog. This way, you can expect them to be on the alert from the moment they are comfortable in your home. A puppy will first have to grow up before it will be ready to begin protecting your house and barking at unknown people.

Have your locks checked

You should have a locksmith come out to look at all your locks. They can inspect them and let you know if any of them are weak. Then, they can change those locks and replace them with ones that will do a better job of keeping someone from breaking into your home.