Three Ways To Enhance Door Safety For Your Business

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As a business owner, high quality and excellent customer service aren't the only important aspects. It is equally important to ensure your business is safe. You can work towards accomplishing this goal by focusing on your door safety. In the event of an emergency, the doorway will play a key role in getting your employees and customers to safety. Make sure your business is keeping door safety in mind.

Install Security Cameras

Door safety doesn't just involve getting people out of the building in the event of an incident. It also involves keeping intruders out. A great way to increase your efforts in this area is to install security cameras near all of your exterior doors.

A camera can serve as a great defense against theft. First, the cameras can deter people from trying to break-in because of a fear of being recognized on screen. Secondly, in the event someone is monitoring the activity on the camera, should someone be trying to intrude, they will be able to take swift action by either triggering an alarm or notifying the police.

Invest In Exit Devices

In the event of a dangerous event like a fire, every second counts. Ensuring everyone's safety involves getting everyone out of the building as quickly as possible. Consider installing exit devices for your exterior doors to meet this need. Exit devices are basically bar-like structures that get installed on the interior side of the door. You simply press on the bar to unlatch the door and exit.

An exit device makes it easier to open a door quickly. Instead of having to manipulate a door handle, which can be especially challenging if the power goes out and the space is dark, you simply push the door to open it and exit the building quickly.

Upgrade To Keyless Locks

Another great safety addition is the installation of keyless locks. Keyless locks give you access to a building faster. In the event of an emergency, searching for keys is generally the last thing you have time for. Should you need to gain access to your business quickly, with a keyless lock you can simply use a key code or barometric system to gain access.

Key code systems allow you to program a specific code for entry and exit and barometric systems use fingerprints. In addition to adding an extra safety feature, should someone be terminated from your company, you can remove their access far easier than you would be able to get a physical key back from them.

Make sure you are putting an effort towards upgrading safety in every aspect of your business. A professional can assist you with finding ways to update safety for your business. To learn more, contact a locksmith company like Johnny Locksmith.