Three Ways To Prevent A Break-In To Your Home

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Home burglars look for the easiest way into your house. They don't want to spend much time or make much noise when trying to get in. If your front and back doors are formidable enough, the burglar may move on to the next house to find an easier target. Here are three ways that you can stop a thief at the door and protect your home from a break-in.

1. Make sure that your locks are top quality.

Have a locksmith inspect the locks on your front and back doors for construction and materials. The highest quality locks are made of solid steel and rated ANSI Grade 1. Locks formed by a casting process can be cracked by a blow from a hammer. Inferior materials can allow a thief to saw through the bolt on a deadbolt. Solid steel locks are shatter-proof and difficult to cut through without taking a long time and making a lot of noise.

2. Address any gaps between the door and the frame.

If your house has settled and the door is slightly out of alignment in the frame, there may be a widening gap between the door and the frame. This will let a thief get a saw blade onto the bolt to try to cut through it. If the gap is wide enough, the burglar may try to force the door away from the frame enough to clear the bolt from the frame. Some ways to fix problems with a gap include:

3. Reinforce the installation of the deadbolt locks to prevent a thief from bypassing them.

A high quality deadbolt that hasn't been installed properly won't protect your home. Fix the following installation issues to get the most from your lock.