Lost Car Keys? 3 Reasons To Choose A Locksmith Instead Of A Car Dealership

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You've looked everywhere. You've spent hours looking, frustrated and panicked. When you can't find your car keys and don't have a spare, it can be exasperating. How are you going to get to work or do what you need to do? Thankfully, an auto locksmith can rescue you from this unfortunate situation. Here are three reasons you should call a locksmith rather than going through your automobile dealership.

1. An Auto Locksmith Is Less Expensive

Car dealerships are in business to sell vehicles. While they also often provide service on the vehicles they sell, that service comes at a premium. Just as they markup the cost of the cars and the parts they sell, so, too, do they markup the cost of getting a replacement key made.

To confirm this is true, all you need to do is simply call a dealership and ask the price of having a lost replacement key made and then call an auto locksmith and ask them for their price. Chances are, an auto locksmith will be far more affordable than a car dealership.

2. An Auto Locksmith Provides Mobile Service

When you call a car dealership to replace your lost car key, they are more than happy to do the job for you. The problem is, they want you to bring the car to them. If you don't have a car key, how are you supposed to get your vehicle there? A car dealership expects you to call a tow truck and have them deliver the car to them. Even if you live next door to a car dealership, having your vehicle towed is going to cost you more money on top of the cost of having a replacement key made. You will also have to wait for the towing company to get to you. With an auto locksmith service, they have the capability to come directly to your home or wherever your vehicle is located and cut the new key right on the premises.

3. An Auto Locksmith Provides More Convenient Hours of Operation

A car dealership's service center has set hours. Unfortunately, many people don't lose their car key during the dealership's limited weekday business hours. Many auto locksmiths offer their services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you are stranded and unable to do what you need to do until you have a replacement key made, an auto locksmith is the obvious choice.